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You would have thought we’d have our crap together by now, but… That was too much to hope for. I wonder why, after all that we’ve seen come to light, we still fight amongst ourselves. Why we still persecute those who had nothing to do with the Event.

I interviewed Elijah Valentine, the Last Mage. He told me how he saved the world. But for what? Why save us if we’re only going to screw it up again? Why be our savior when we don’t deserve it? I’ve got the how.

Now I need the why.

A good journalist follows every lead, every hunch, every twinge of insight. I will get to the bottom of this. I will crack the enigma of the Last Mage. This may have been his interview…

But this is my story.

The Interview (Book 1) | The Brief (Latest Chapter) | Updates 

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